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Dream: Space Travel – 2006

by on Feb.12, 2013, under Dreams

This dream had me on an alien spacecraft.  It had to be very advanced vessel because it was able to travel across the UNIVERSE instantly. So I am on this alien vessel and it suddenly is on the far side of the universe. There was no travel, it was just “there.”  At this point it starts to enter the atmosphere of a planet. As it is doing this I am walking freely around the ship. It seemed to be an organic ship and had no noticeable controls or any aliens. What was there were lots of vats of bubbling liquid. If I remember correctly, the liquid was a almost like a muted lime green in color.

The next thing I see is the planets surface. It was brown and barren, like a dessert.  It was full of sandstone “structures,” the kind you see in the American Southwest. There was no sign of life at all on the planet, yet the planet was at war because other crafts were attacking the ship I was on.

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