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Waiting (2008)

by on Jul.13, 2008, under Dark Poems, Poetry

Note: I wrote this in July 2008, after a relationship I was in ended abruptly. When I look back these days, it bothers me that I ever let this person get to me like this. It was a relationship I never should have entered into and the only one I have ever had that I regret.

Day after day,
I sit waiting,
hoping today will be the day,
the day that your eyes are opened once more,
open to the beauty we shared,
open to the pain that has replaced it.

Day after day,
I sit waiting, hoping
that your heart will open once more to me,
that you will remember how much love,
I have always had for you,
how you made me smile,
how you made me laugh,
how you made me so happy

Day after day,
I sit waiting, watching,
hoping to see that one name ,
that one blessed name light up on my gmail
that one that was just for me,
that name that was for me and for me alone
the one that made me so proud to see,
proud because it was the one I gave you.

Day after day,
I sit waiting, praying
for your love,
for you to want me once more,
for you to need me once more,
for you to come home where you belong.

Day after day,
I sit crying,
because that day hasn’t come,
fearing it never will,
that I will cry an ocean of oceans before I die,

Day after day,
I sit hurting, dying inside,
because that empty spot inside grows larger,
the dagger goes deeper,
the pain grows more and more,
with each passing day you are away from home.

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