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Dream – February 2013

by on Feb.12, 2013, under Dreams

So I had a few weird dreams this morning:

Dream 1:

There were these evil creatures that were stealing souls. I was fighting them. The souls were being sucked up into the sky, probably another dimension. They were traveling up these bright beams of white light. I was destroying them to free the souls and foil the evil beings plans. These beings could ‘infect’ a person and turn them evil as well. The only way to defeat them was to squeeze their head until it popped like a pimple which sent white goo all over the place. Apparently, this was one where I was hunting these things with Sam, Bobby and someone else (oddly I do not think it was Dean).

They all got infected and somehow we wound up in this huge river (one that has been in my dreams before) and dragged down it for miles and down into another ‘land’. We get into a ‘fight’ and I tell them I am going back and as long as they stay where they are I will not hunt them. I will try to find a way to reverse it, but if they follow me I will hunt them down.

One of them does follow me back. We are going back down the river toward where we first fell in and that is when I woke up to do something.
Dream 2:

in a library with someone else…researching werewolves, how they are created and how to cure a person of it. We cannot find anything in the library, but I remember a part of the library looked away that is only for ‘senior members’ of the organization, not many people even know it exists. So I take us there. We start researching there and nothing. Then I tell them there is one more place we can look. it is the most secret part of the library, even less people know of it and even fewer have access to it. It has the oldest and most valuable books that exist, if we are going to find an answer, that is where it will be located. It is behind a huge vault door and down a series of steps.

We head off there and start researching. The person I am with has to go away for a while and asks me to look after their cat until they can get back. I keep researching and who stops by the vault? Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Chief Justice John Roberts. I talk with them and they ask about the person I am there with and I tell them they had to go away for a while. Chief Justice.Roberts tells me that if they aren’t back in a few days they will have to give up the cat because it belongs to the organization. I explain that I was asked to look after the cat and Justice Ginsburg mentions that the rules are not cut and dry on cats and that as long as I stay a night there by Sunday it should be fine.

That is when I woke up.

As a side note, the river and library in the dreams are both familiar to me. They have appeared in previous dreams of mine a few years ago.

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