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Dream: At the Gates of Hell – Early 2008

by on Feb.12, 2013, under Dreams

This is one of my more fun ones lol…The funny thing about it is that my best friend, Eddie, had almost the exact same dream around the same time….”cue twilight zone music’ This one took place sometime earlier this year, between Jan and Mar of this year.

In this dream, I am standing right outside of hell looking in, Satan standing next to me. He is trying to get me to come inside and join him. He makes all these wild promises.but I can’t hear anything he is saying. It is just a knowledge of what is going on in the dream. I remember I was pissing him off and making him angry with my reactions, etc. (just being my usual wise ass, stupid self). This of course made me quite happy and caused me to keep doing it. At one point he makes his most grandiose offer yest and for the first true time I hear something in the dream. I hear myself say “Go to hell.” At which point, he looks at me as if to say “hello, where do you think I am idiot.” I grinned and said, “You got a point, now go away and leave me alone.”

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