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by on Apr.18, 2012, under Personal Information

The more I read, the more I am convinced that I am a ‘war wizard.’ Now of course I don’t mean it in the same way as in the novels, but in a more symbolic way. War wizards are defined as, from Goodkind’s work, A wizard born with both sides of the gift (Additive and Subtractive) who uses their magic on instinct and need. Also war wizards use their anger or their most proficient emotion to access their power using the last wizard rule they can access their gift freely if they understand it . In earlier entries I have gone on in depth about the parallels between fictional ‘Additive Magic’ and ‘Subtractive Magic’ with real world counterparts, linking such things as love/forgiveness and compassion to Additive Magic and such things as anger/hatred and rage to Subtractive Magic. This is because Additive Magic creates from what is there already, while Subtractive Magic destroys what is there. Both of these things are something I ‘command’ and with great strength. I would like to think that my love is very strong, healing, comforting and strengthening. That it is something that in a way ‘creates.’ On the other hand, I know my rage and anger is very destructive. I have seen what it did in the past when I did not have control of it, when it controlled me. Anger in itself isn’t bad, it is how it manifests it self, why it does and if it is controlled or not. There is after all something called righteous rage. I definitely use my ‘gift’ on instinct and need while I call it forth with my love, in the past anger would have been that emotion, but now it is love. Even when my anger comes forth, it is no mostly when someone/something I love is threatened or mistreated. There are many things that I accomplish without understanding how, what or why I am doing it, I just know that it is what I need to do at that time. Sometimes if someone asks how I accomplished something, I sit there looking stupefied and just shake my head and say ‘I have no idea. I just knew what to do, when to do it and how to do it.’ I cannot even begin to count how many times there have been things that I have just ‘known’ were the right way to do something or when to do something. It might be why at times when someone asks a question or poses a problem that I give the answer so matter-of-factly as if it should be obvious to everyone. So, yeah I am a war wizard lol…

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