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Dream about a Maze: April/May 2008

by on Feb.12, 2013, under Dreams

I had a dream about a maze a few weeks ago.. dynamic entrances dynamic exits the maze had a lot of rules the dream was a maze about a maze..I was so lost, confused and frustrated , because of all the crazy rules..(which I don’t remember) just the kind that don’t make sense and serve no real purpose but to annoy

The solution is love, compassion, hope and forgiveness. Follow those virtues and we escape the maze. If we fall prey to anger, hate, pain and despair, we will wander the maze forever never finding the way out. The maze itself is our heart and soul and all the emotions contained within. That’s why the entrance and exit don’t matter, we need to embrace all the positives to “win.” We can enter and exit many times in life, any time we need to call upon heart and soul for something. We only truly enter at birth and can only exit at death. Not everyone gets out though. Those that don’t are damned for all time. These positive emotions/virtues are keys to a righteous life and where it will lead us. Follow them and we live the type of life we are supposed to live.

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