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Random Daily Thought

by on May.25, 2012, under Thoughts

so today I was wondering…

  1. When performing an exorcism is it required that it be conducted in Latin or can it be done in the local language? how important is pronunciation if it is done in Latin?
  2. Is it necessary for the person performing the exorcism to believe in God or can any bozo do it as long as they read it right? (thinking of Dean from supernatural. He has expressed his dislike for and lack of belief in angels and God on more than one occasion, yet he can still successfully perform one)
  3. Do you need to have faith that the exorcism will actually work?
  4. Does the faith the demon is associated with have to match up with the faith of the exorcism/exorcist? (e.g. If the demon is from Zoroastrianism and you try to use a Christian exorcism, will it work?)
  5. Have I finally lost the plot?
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“Blade be true this day” – Richard Rahl

by on May.11, 2012, under Reflections

So much truth in this as well. While in the novels, Richard was referring to The Sword of Truth it can be true in many other ways. What is a blade? A blade is something that cuts. The sharper the cut, the truer the cut, the cleaner the cut. If a blade is something that cuts, it does not need to be made just of steel, it can be anything.

Our minds, our thoughts can be blades, but even more, the TRUTH is the sharpest blade. When we see and embrace the truth, we can cut through anything. Any pain, any failures, any hurt, any lies and deception. The truth can cut through these things with ease. The problem is that these things can cut both ways. They can cut through the lies of friends and enemies, but also through our own lies. Through the lies we tell ourselves. The things we tell ourselves because we want to believe them.

Wizards 1st Rule:
People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be true.

It is this last part that is relative. We make ourselves believe what we want to be true or what we are afraid will be true. The blade of truth cuts through these lies and exposes the fallacies, when those lies are laid bare before us, we can be sent into a tailspin. We risk being overcome with fear, seeing the lies we surround ourselves with can shake us to our very depths. We need to accept the truth though. The truth is just that the truth, no amount of trying to deny it will change it, it will not go away.

We have to live with the truth, not with our fantasies and lies. Only through acceptance of the truth can we find our strength, our power, our happiness. When we do accept it, we free ourselves from the deception around us, especially when it is caused by ourselves. We enable ourselves to grow and learn.

So as you can see, the truth itself is the sharpest of all blades. It can cut through anything. It can survive anything especially when we have love, forgiveness and compassion as our weapons as well. The truth cuts away the lies and exposes them. Love, forgiveness and compassion help us overcome the pains and heal. They help us work past the lies we tell ourselves and embrace the truth, even when it is painful.

Our minds and thoughts are blades as well, they help us cut through hard problems and conundrums. They help us find the answers we need, they help us find the truth. They help us solve these things. Once we solve the problems we can face the truth, we can let the truth cut away everything else that binds us to our pain.

Blade, be true this day.

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