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by on May.25, 2012, under Thoughts

so today I was wondering…

  1. When performing an exorcism is it required that it be conducted in Latin or can it be done in the local language? how important is pronunciation if it is done in Latin?
  2. Is it necessary for the person performing the exorcism to believe in God or can any bozo do it as long as they read it right? (thinking of Dean from supernatural. He has expressed his dislike for and lack of belief in angels and God on more than one occasion, yet he can still successfully perform one)
  3. Do you need to have faith that the exorcism will actually work?
  4. Does the faith the demon is associated with have to match up with the faith of the exorcism/exorcist? (e.g. If the demon is from Zoroastrianism and you try to use a Christian exorcism, will it work?)
  5. Have I finally lost the plot?

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