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by on Apr.20, 2011, under Life and Death, Thoughts

During our lifetimes we go through many stages of development as we continue to grow and learn. No matter how much we develop, no matter how many changes we make to our image and to our life, the core of whom we are never changes. There are basic things about ourselves that never change no matter what happens in this world. These are the things that are at the very basis of whom we are in this world.

These things can’t change because they are the very basis of our identity. We can try to change these things, we can convince ourselves that we have changed them but at the most we are tricking and lying to ourselves. Just like a person having a sex change operation changes their physical characteristics, biologically they have not changed anything. They still have either two ‘X’ chromosomes or one ‘X’ and one ‘Y’ chromosome, that basic biological fact has not changed. In those cases we are actively trying to change who and what we are.

While these things define who we are on a biological level, they do not define our identity, even when we change our gender, we do not change who we are as a person. The identity is not our physical characteristics, we can grow our hair long or cut it short, we can change the color of our hair, but we do not change who we are as a person. The things that make up our identity relates to things more like our moral values and our nature.

When we try to go against our moral values, when we try to act against our nature, we without doubt run into problems. We will enter a state of turmoil, conflict and depression. We will lash out at the smallest of things, we will withdraw into ourselves and hide from everyone. Not all these things will happen to everyone, or even to the same degree but they will happen without doubt and our life will turn into chaos.

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