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A Mess (2008)

by on Jul.15, 2008, under Dark Poems, Poetry

Note: I wrote this in July 2008, after a relationship I was in ended abruptly. When I look back these days, it bothers me that I ever let this person get to me like this. It was a relationship I never should have entered into and the only one I have ever had that I regret.

much less a mess would I be,
If my importance were shown to me,
As wonderful as words are
To be shown goes much more far.

It hurts that you show no regret,
No matter how much I hurt and fret.
I know on purpose you could not cause pain,
But accidental or planned hurt deep I am all the same.

So many tears have I shed
Many a time I wished to be dead
I am still such a mess
I can’t see it being less

If only you could see
That only you can help heal me
Your love and tenderness,
Alone can bring me out of this darkness

In your arms I need to cry
To help me get by
If only I could make you see
I need to see and feel love from thee

All I feel is disdain
And no concern for my pain
I know my words of late are dark,
But with such loss it is hard to be happy like a lark.

When to one I give all my soul and heart
It drives a knife into my heart when they depart.
Still there is much sorrow
I only hope it be less one tomorrow

Eyes fill with tears,
when come true ones worst fears.
At times it is too much to bear
Is it any wonder why in two my heart did tear?

my love is forever,
Taken away it will be never
Welcome and wanted in my arms you are
Today tomorrow and forever my beloved star

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