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Challenges to Love

by on Jan.05, 2008, under Uncategorized


 Love is an interesting and complex topic. At the best of times, love is incredibly beautiful and brings a great joy to ones heart and soul. During the good times of life, it is very easy to love someone. Unfortunately, love like everything else in life is dual-edged sword. As it can fill ones heart and soul with this extreme joy and happiness, at the same time it can cause a great deal of agonizing pain and sorrow. During these harder and darker times, the times when we are separated from someone we love, when someone we love fails us or lets us down, when we fail them or countless other things, it becomes much more difficult to love someone.

The degree of difficulty in loving a person during hard times is directly proportional to how far/long we are apart / how bad they hurt us/how bad we failed them.

The further and longer we are apart the harder it can become to focus on our love. Our hearts start finding others to fill the emptiness that was left behind. The loneliness that is created when the one we love is separated from us for a long time or long distance can be so painful, it cause so much hurt in our souls. The hunger and longing for the person we love grows more and more each day. This emptiness can lead to not only pain, but also anger and bitterness at the one we love for “abandoning us.” With each day that goes by, we can become more restless and resentful. In cases where the problem is someone failing us or us failing someone we love, the results can be pure disaster. A loved one failing us is one of the hardest things to overcome. Certain types of failures are more problematic then others. Lying, cheating, hiding things, these are some of the hardest things to overcome. These things shake us to our very core and cause us to doubt everything about the person. They make us see the person as a bad person with little or no redeeming

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