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Darkness, Darkness All Around (2008)

by on Jul.15, 2008, under Dark Poems, Poetry

Note: I wrote this in July 2008, after a relationship I was in ended abruptly. When I look back these days, it bothers me that I ever let this person get to me like this. It was a relationship I never should have entered into and the only one I have ever had that I regret.

Darkness, darkness all around,
No light to be found,
Nothing but an endless void,
No one to care, me they all avoid.

Each day more pain and sorrow,
I fear every tomorrow.
Nothing but a dark and lonely sea,
Not one to need me.

Further and further I slip,
Starting to want to embrace deaths grip.
Would any cry,
Were I to die?

This is I doubt,
For all from my life have slipped out.
Not one to want me in their life,
My life filled with nothing but strife.

Once I knew love,
From one more pure than a dove.
One who is a true treasure,
She always bought me so much pleasure

Now, night after night I cry,
Wondering if the answer is to die,
Why oh why am I avoided by she,
When only her love and tenderness can save me.

Pain and sorrow,
Sure to double tomorrow,
My heart, my soul forever lost,
When I was tossed.

She is my treasure,
Today, tomorrow and forever.
But to her I am nothing,
If only I was something.

Now each day,
All I do is wither away,
Lost now is my heart,
Ended all to early was my part.

Even more beautiful would be our dance
If only had I once again a chance
Always did she make me so very proud,
I want to sing it out so loud.

Now have I nothing,
More than suffering.
In eternal darkness I now despair,
Why should I even care.

No longer is there a want for me in her loving heart,
A want that had been there from the start.
Once to her I was important,
Now at best that importance is dornmant

Darkness, darkness all around,
No light to be found,
What joy can there be,
Without her wanting, needing and loving me.

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