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Dream #3 – May 2009

by on Feb.12, 2013, under Dreams

Just woke up for a few min. Weird ass dream again.

Got a call from a ‘family member’ about having a get together. Asked me to bring three pizzas. Two plain one pepperoni, some garlic knots and coke.
When I get there, there are about 60ppl. And this whole big spread of other food too. I go to do something and when I get back there are 3 slices left. One of each pie. Then I run a few blocks down, w my mom (dead since 04) to a factory. In the parking lot they had had some kind of get together as well. I buy a ticket for a vacation raffle for 8$ then move on to get a bagel. I wanted a garlic one but they didn’t have any so they took a poppy seed one and spread garlic spread one it. I bought that, can of coke and a car raffle and the women tells me it is 115$. I ask how much the raffle is and she tells me 38$. I decide not to buy any of it, who the hell would pay 77$ for a bagel and coke lol.

I get in the car and drive off forgetting my mom. When I realize it I go to turn around but ca,t find a place. I wind up in God knows where before I find a place. When I finally get there, I find she had left walking. I find annoyed text messages and phone calls from her.

When I get back to my starting pt a ‘family member’ comes to talk to me. He tells me his mom made a ‘hot’ dish but ,I can’t remember her name, date couldn’t make dinner bc he got sick. He asks me to join them for dinner. After which he will drive myself and the girl to Vegas. Apparently she has some kind of job there. He asks me to take pics of her. I tell him that I would love to but that I have to be to work in the morning. He tells me I can apply for a job in Vegas as a photographer ( the way he said it makes me believe it was a formality to apply.
I ask if I can take a few min to think and digest all this.

Someplace before all this I had ordered a pie but missed the driver. Also, when I find out how fast the 3 pizzas went I call for more. The driver brings a 2 litere bottle of coke, 2 slices of plain and a bunch of peach pie slices.

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