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Dream – May 2009 (Part 1)

by on Feb.12, 2013, under Dreams, Uncategorized

I am in the city, walking with a young lady, didn’t see who, but someone who must have been important to me. Suddenly, a shot rings out, someone is trying to kill her. Now, I must be part of some law enforcement agency because I immediately have all the streets cleared and blocked off and move to shield her. I call 3 more people over to shield her on the other 3 sides as we move to a building to hide her in.

We find one of these old half run down buildings that you go down a few stairs to get into, I have the building checked to make sure it is safe and secure. When I get back the report that it is, she and I walk to the bathroom to make sure it works. We jokingly say something to the effect that ‘maybe we should just stay her always.’
I send two of the guys off to get food supplies for her and I. After they leave, I lock the doors, now the automatic ones like at grocery stores.

Next thing I know we are sitting around,with candles and a camping stove to cook with, talking. The candles are the only light in an otherwise pitch black building. She starts telling me she just wants to get out of the building. Neither of us was scared. Neither of us wanted to be away from the other.

Other than someone trying to. kill her and having to hideout in this half run down. building, we seem to be happy and content.

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