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Dream – October 2010

by on Feb.12, 2013, under Dreams

This morning, as I was waking, I had my most recent strange dream. I was getting ready for work and I couldn’t find my ID badge or cell phone. As I’m looking around for them Anne tells me she needs to get some kind of tests done at the ER. This of course has me flustered because I hadn’t told anyone at work about being late.

Next thing I know the paramedics are there and doing part of the test at the house. So I ask if they can do all of it there. They of course say no. So they load her into the ambulance in a wheelchair and tell me I have to follow. I get in my car, oddly an SUV, and start to follow. Well there is a fire truck that I am barely able to get past. As I am doing this someone is yelling at me that I can’t go that way because it’s blocked. At this point another fire truck shows up blocking the path.
Fast forward.

I am driving down the road only to see Anne rolling down the street in the wheelchair oblivious to the fact.
Fast forward again.

We are back at home, she still needs the test and now I am on the verge of a major anxiety attack. I go outside to get the car and it is missing. I run in to get my phone which has now vanished. This of course makes my anxiety even worse.
I go back out frantically looking for my car once more. Only this time I am in a public lot, with a dirt and gravel surface. While I am looking I bump into several other people in the same spot. One of these guys suggest that the cars were towed even though they shouldn’t have been.
We all hop on a bus and head to the yard they would be at. We look around but don’t see any of them. We find the owner and confront him about our cars demanding he give them back. He assures us he doesn’t have them and shows us his ‘inventory’ on his computer. Sure enough none of them are there.
He tells us that he thinks another yard may have illegally taken them. He gies on to explain that he is being pushed out and that his lot is getting smaller and smaller every day. I recognize something and tell him i remember seeing him there for years. To which he replies he and my dad have done lots of business over the years.

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