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by on Apr.29, 2009, under Life and Death, Thoughts

All my life I have had to rely on ‘out thinking’ any opponents, using strategy and tactics rather than brute force. Why? Look at me; I am short, out of shape and over-weight. In a fight if I went toe to toe, I would get my ass whipped; however, physical fights are not the only place I rely on my intelligence. I use it in all aspects of life.

I try to stay a few steps ahead of everyone else. It keeps them off balance in some cases. We go back to ‘The Dance with Death’ where it reads: ‘cut from the void, not bewilderment. Stay a step ahead, catch them off guard and you have an advantage.

This is not just a physical tactic, but it can be psychological. Stay ahead of the person and you control how things play out. You can seize the mind, nudge it to where you want to take it. You can use it to keep a person off guard, have them looking the wrong way, then come from another direction.

Do it right and you own the mind. Once you are in their mind they are yours. At that point, you can bring euphoria or pain to the person. Once you are there, it allows control of one’s emotions. They think what you want them too. They feel what you want them too.

The other path for me is to get control directly of one’s emotions. Know what inspires what feelings, and then use that knowledge to bring about what you want. This is usually long term. You need to watch and listen. Take in everything, every visual cue, every inflection in the voice.

Emotions and thought patterns are so powerful. You can gain total control of a person with these two things and bend them anyway, you want. You can elevate them, enrich them, or you can destroy them. It can be very dangerous at times. It can bring a lot of pain and harm. Or it can bring about euphoria. Usually it is intent that decides which it is, but carelessness and lack of understanding are key factors too.
Lead the dance; do not let it lead you.

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