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Life and Thoughts on It

by on Apr.29, 2009, under Life and Death, Thoughts

What is life? Life can be defined in many ways. The way it is defined depends on whom you ask to define it. For our purposes, we will look at a more spiritual definition, specifically a Christian view.

Since we are looking at what life is from a Christian point of view, we will simply define it as ‘A beautiful gift from God.’ Life is a gift that should never be wasted or squandered. Sadly, so many of do just that.

How do we so this? One way that we waste our life is by not making use of the gifts God has given us in our lives such as our unique combinations of talents. Some of the greatest talents we all have, and the ones we most neglect to use, are our capacity to love, to forgive and to show compassion. We were given these beautiful gifts for a reason, to help our fellow man. When we use these gifts to benefit others, it brings us closer to Him.

He was loving enough to not just give us these gifts, but when we struggled early on to learn how to use them, He sent His only Son to us.

Christ was sent to redeem us, lead us to salvation, and back to the Father. He showed us the way to the Father by teaching us how to use our gifts. He showed us not just by His words, but by His actions. He showed us how to live the way we were meant to live. He showed us how we should use the gifts we were given.

Life is something so precious because it is a gift. It is not a hollow gift either. It is a gift given out of love. Life is also a made up of many other gifts from God as we have seen.

The greatest gift though, is that of our immortal soul. This gift is so great because our bodies are only here for a short time, but our life does not end when our bodies die. Rather our lives truly begin then. When the body dies, it frees our soul to reunite with God, to return to its home, to its natural state and to bask in the light and grace of God for all eternity.

That is why life is a precious gift.

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