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Questions, Questions and More Questions

by on Nov.26, 2008, under Life and Death, Thoughts

Have you ever noticed that every time we get an answer to one question, we find at least one more question because of the answer? Think of an easy example: why did not you get a good grade? Because I didn’t pay attention or study? Why not? I did not like the class. Why did you not like the class? And on and on and on.

That is part of life though. We are given these chances to learn and grow as people. Life is a maze or if you prefer a winding road with many forks. There are so many places we can go wrong, so many chances to make mistakes. So many wrong turns that can be made; however, there are at least as many chances to do right and good.

Every fork we come to we can choose our own path. No one else can choose it for us. Sometimes the choices are not easy, sometimes they are even a choice between two rights. Choosing between right and wrong is comparatively easy in comparison. Yet how many of us screw that one up?

How do we make the right choices? We have a few things to help us choose the right thing. First, we have our knowledge, the things we have learned from experience and studying. Secondly, we have family, friends, etc to look to for guidance. Finally, the best way to find the right answer is to turn to God. If we open our hearts, minds and souls to Him and listen, how can we go wrong? Oh, it will not always be easy, enjoyable or what we want, but the answer is there if we look to Him and accept what He tells us. Once we have the answer, it is up to us to choose to do the right or wrong thing. That is what free will is all about, the ability to choose between good and evil.

Remember life is a journey. The questions we find lead us to forks in our life. At the forks, we have a choice to make. The answers we accept to the questions shape our actions and determine which way we go in life.

When we choose to do, what is right it brings us closer to God, when we choose wrong it takes us further away. The good news is that no matter how far we may go down the wrong path, we can always be saved. God gives us many chances to choose right, it is not a onetime thing, and it is not a dead end road if we choose wrong, but it can be if we continue to do wrong.

That is another important thing about questions and answers, they often give us insights to ourselves, show us something about ourselves. The problem is, sometimes it is something we do not want to see or believe. These questions are one way God helps lead us back to the right path. He asks us these hard questions and gives us a chance to see where we are going wrong so that we can choose right and come home to him. He wants us to succeed, He wants us to do right and come home one day, but He gave us free will. That free will means we can embrace Him, do right, and be united one day with Him, or we can turn our backs on Him and be separated from Him forever. We succeed or fail based on our choices, but He is there always to help us, if we listen and let Him.

Not only does He give us these questions to help us though, he puts people in our lives to help us stay on course. People to lead us through hard times and people to lead us back to the right path when we stray.

These people help us by making us ask questions of ourselves and see whom we are. They remind us of the beauty of life and His love for us. In some cases, it is obvious; the person is one of great and open faith. They speak freely and devoutly of God and His love. In other cases, it is less obvious, unless you truly listen. These cases are shown to us through love for each other, strangers and through deeds. It can be a random act of kindness from a stranger or the support of a dear friend in hard times or a million other things. These things can lead us to questions about how we act, how we treat others, why we do what we do, etc.

How we answer the questions in life determines our path. That is why they are there. That is why we face the challenges we do, to guide us home and to help us learn and grow. They are there to help us, not hinder us.

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