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by on Jan.12, 2009, under Uncategorized

Well on the way home from my dad’s I had what to me is a rather ‘odd’ experience. I stopped to get gas on I-95, as I was getting ready to start pumping my gas a woman comes up to me and asks if I can spare enough money to get her a couple of gallons of gas because she had run out on the overpass etc.

So I said sure and gave her some money to help her out, so far nothing odd right? Well there were two very strange things to me, the first is she mentioned that she had 112 miles to go; that is odd to me, who gives such an exact number of miles? I would have said that I have about 100 miles or two hours to go to get where I was heading, but 112????? But that was the less odd of the two things. The thing that was really odd was that I turned back to pump my gas after she left, then turned around to make sure she was OK, trying to see if she had a ride etc, when I looked – she was gone. I had not turned around long enough for her to be out of the light from the station and no cars had passed by, it is as if she just vanished.

Just really weird.

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