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Why T-Mobile Sucks

by on Jun.05, 2012, under Uncategorized

I have been trying to order one tablet on my account since May 24th. I just got off the phone with the fourth different person today and sixth overall.

I tried online first but it did not go through so I called. The person I talked to said they were going to charge it to my credit card. At some point the order wound up getting cancelled but no one notified me. So I called back a few days later, that is when I found out the order was cancelled. So the guy I talked to said they put the order through again and were going to bill it to my account. I called today to see where the order since I had not seen it yet and it was more than four business days only to find out that order got cancelled – again.

That brings me to today’s journey. It started out with me fighting with the automated system to get a human being. Then I talked to the a person from customer service. They told me I needed to talk to sales. So, I repeated my story to sales. Sales told me that they couldn’t bill my account, but that they would transfer me to customer loyalty because only they could help me. So, once again I repeat the story to customer loyalty. Customer loyalty tells me I need to talk to a supervisor in sales, which I had asked to speak to before they transferred me to customer loyalty. The customer service representative told me the supervisor couldn’t help me. When I got to the supervisor, I once again repeated how pissed off I was and repeated my story once again. The supervisor couldn’t do anything to help or explain why my orders kept getting cancelled.

All this after being with the company for at least five years and my father being with them since the 1990s. He was with them when it was still Voicestream.

I just hung with them after 51 minutes and got nothing out of it but being pissed off and a fight with my wife.

Avoid T-Mobile.


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